Glitches, by Neon Insect

A loveletter to imperfection.
The new Neon Insect album “Glitches” is officially released, featuring tracks with danish dark electro pioneer Leaether Strip, Enlia and Twill.Distilled. “Glitches” will be released digital and on tape.


Glitches Cover

“Glitches”: Release Infos

January 15th, 2018: Pre Order launch, bandcamp (Tape/Digital)

February 16th, 2018: Official release, bandcamp

February 21st, 2018: Tape shipping (may be delayed, in case manufacturing takes longer)

February 23rd, 2018: Digital release (Spotify, iTunes, etc.)

Tape, Cassette, Glitches, Neon Insect
Preview of the Cassette Version of “Glitches”

“Glitches”  – an ode to imperfection and errors that set apart. While we all strive for flawlessness and mass compatibility, a glitch is the cause of uniqueness.

Digital noises are processed through complex electronic circuits. A little fade to the right, and suddenly the flawless noise starts to stutter and skip, while the beat below powers through without any hindrance. Oddly enough it doesn’t annoy. When the glitch fades out it leaves you wonder: Is there beauty in noise?


“Not one single song on the album sounds like the next.  They are all equally identifiable by their own nuances.  This is not mindless or simply visceral ebm suited for the dancefloor.”
~ Noise Underneath The Snow, Jan. 15th, 2018


“Taking a page from 1980’s industrial music abrasiveness and 1990’s industrial music’s popularity, NEON INSECT reminds us of days of old when WAX TRAX! RECORDS and ZOTH OMMOG shredded the world over with the underground.”
ANDRIC KILGANNON, Jan. 20th, 2018

Glitches is a fantastic and powerful romp through electro-industrial, IDM, ambient, and cinematic sounds. It’s harsh, it’s calming, it’s panicked, it’s destructive, but most of all it is easily one of the better listening experiences I’ve had this month. “
Brustal Resonance, Jan. 22nd, 2018

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