This is Neon InsectHello, my name is Nils Sinatsch, also known as Neon Insect. I’m a composer and audio engineer from Germany, currently finishing my audio engineering degree at Hofa College.

I am specialized in Game Audio, most importantly music composition and production. But I also enjoy every aspect of sound design, including field recording trips. My personal field of interest is sound synthesis and music technology. My goal is to do a Masters of Sonic Arts at some point in my life.

Since my childhood I have been involved with music. I learned to play trumpets with 12, played in some orchestras, before I eventually started to create my own music in 2004. I was signed on three labels with two bands and spent a lot of time on the road touring.

In 2012 I started freelancing to write and compose for radio plays, independent movies and video games. For the past two years I have been employed at W3Studios and produced the music and sound for Abatron. During that time I’ve learned working with different Engines (such as Unreal Engine 4), which helped me a lot to develop my and gameaudio skills.

The Name “Neon Insect”

You might wonder, why I call myself Neon Insect. The most important reason is, my actual name is too complicated and I learned people struggle with it. To remain recognized I use this name, which was originally a music project when I was younger. The name itself was inspired by insects in space, that I found in the games of the X Universe (by egosoft), which I used to play a lot.

Please visit my portfolio for a little impression of my work. If you want to see how I work, you can find me streaming on Twitch occasionally. I am always looking for nice people and interesting projects to contribute to, so feel free to reach out anytime at neoninsectofficial [a] gmail.com.